Join Us to Establish Cyrus The Great, Day!
For Global Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Joy & Love for All Mankind!

In that same spirit & on a multilateral global basis, in an all inclusive, non-political, non-profit, non-religious intercultural mutual respect and cooperation between all nations of the world, 
I am respectfully requesting the world bodies to recognize 
October 29th as the 'Cyrus the Great, Day.'

In the Hope for Global Peace & Harmony, We All Trust!

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Cyrus The Great, is the founder of Persia and the creator of the first known Declaration of Human Rights more than 25 centuries ago. His inspiring statements for liberty and justice have been depicted in the 'Cyrus Cylinder' located in the British Museum with its replica kept at the main entrance of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. According to historians and scholars, Cyrus the Great morality, leadership and way of life have had a profound influence in both eastern and western civilizations.

Tolerance, respect and love for the people of his vast empire, who came from many different nationalities, regardless of their race, religion, gender, ethnicity, personal belief and backgrounds has been a model for world rulers throughout the centuries, including the Founding Fathers of America.

Every year on October 29th, a semi-official "Cyrus The Great, Day" has been celebrated in cities around the world to remind all of us that we all belong to One Family of Humanity.

In that same spirit of Global Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Joy and Love for All Mankind, we are respectfully requesting the world bodies to recognize October 29th as the 'Cyrus the Great, Day.'

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